Captain America Beautiful Cast

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is running in theaters now? have you watch this action movie sequel from Marvel Comics?
You will be fascinated with the beauty of the actresses. who are they?

Emily VanCamp 

This beautiful actress role as Agent 13 in the film Avenger The Winter Soldier.
With her beautiful dark brown eyes as her trademark, she is very charming.
Emily VanCamp Beauty Captain America Cast

Beauty Agent
Emily.. you are too pretty as an agent.. :)

Scarlett Johansen 

The woman who is famous for her sexiness, 29 year old Ingrid Scarlett Johansson. Role as Natasha Romanoff or the Black Widow.
Black beauty widow captain america

Scarlett Johansen beauty black widow Captain America

Cobie Smulders 

Actress Canada's role as Maria Hill in The Avengers movie Winter Soldier.

Cobie Smulders also plays a role in several films and TV series as Agent Maria hill, Serial Agents of SHIELD and the first Avenger movie.

beauty of Maria Hill Captain America
damn... she is beautiful officer.. :)
Captain America beauty actress

Hayley Atwell 

The beautiful actress born in London, England, UK April 5, 1982 is acting as Peggy Carter

Jenny Agutter 

The senior actress role as Councilwoman Hawley in Captain America the Winter Soldier.

So, which one is the most beauty of the Captain America cast??
writer note: so my sort is from top rank who I choose... lol

how about you?